Saturday, December 22, 2012

Primary Music Club

Ok. So Jennifer over at Beehive Messages has some amazing ideas for Primary, one of them being a music club.. She did this a few years ago and I thought it was a great way to motivate the kids for this coming year and get them to really love the songs learn the songs and hopefully be reverent! So... without further a due... we have the Primary Music Club. Each month they will have tasks to accomplish and they will earn a ribbon and charm tied to their "I am a Child of God" bookmark they will receive on the first Sunday of the year. This is the cover of the books... I will laminate them for the kids for durability... Hopefully this works!
I do have this available for all of you if you would like it... I have realized that January and February are out of order... I will try to fix it, but it is a super easy fix if I don't get around to it for a few days... This is for Senior Primary. I will be making an easier version for the younger kids!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Primary Spinning Wheel

Ok. I love Pinterest! I love to look for new ideas on there for primary. Tonight I stumbled across a primary spinning wheel!!! Megan over at Real Scrappy has made a spinning wheel with directions and has the free download! The best part about this wheel? There are 2 parts! The one part is how and who to sing the other is what songs to sing! She has over 60 free pieces for different songs to sing! I have cut mine all out. Now I just have to laminate it and put it all together... Hopefully it will be all ready to go by 2013!

A Caroling We Will Go...

This Sunday with Senior Primary I am taking them "caroling" around the church building to all the other organizations. We will stop by Junior primary classes and sing them to them as well. It is such a simple thing to do, but I think we will really feel the spirit.
Another idea for Christmas that I did with them last year (and a few weeks ago) is we all sat on the floor with our hymn books and sat around singing Christmas hymns. The spirit in the room was so strong, and it was so easy, but so perfect!
Have a Merry Christmas! What are you all doing this week for your Christmas? I am still throwing around ideas for Junior Primary for this week!

I Am A Child of God...

I am so excited for our new theme for 2013, I Am A Child of God! I have so many great ideas I cannot wait to share! I just finished the semester in school so I have some down time to prep for the beginning of the year! I saw this video over at and wanted to share! It sends chills up my spine and I love it! I can feel the spirt so strongly and cannot wait to teach the kids all 4 verses and listen to them sing it for this year!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh What To Do Tomorrow?

So as I began to think what to do for music tomorrow I went to my usual blogs that I <3 to look at and adapt their ideas to our primary and I found yet another fantastic music leader who has now been released. :( What does this mean for us as music leaders? One less person coming up with fantastic ideas! so that's when I thought... If all the music leaders are getting released that I have loved ever since I got this calling where are new music leaders going to get their ideas? That's when it hit me... You need to start a blog to carry on the tradition, so here it goes... I'm totally not musical, but I do have fun with the kids, I will post what we do each week in hopes to spark something to help you in your ward have the kids love music! Please comment and leave your ideas for everyone else and together we can teach the world that music sung by primary children is a beautiful thing!