Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh What To Do Tomorrow?

So as I began to think what to do for music tomorrow I went to my usual blogs that I <3 to look at and adapt their ideas to our primary and I found yet another fantastic music leader who has now been released. :( What does this mean for us as music leaders? One less person coming up with fantastic ideas! so that's when I thought... If all the music leaders are getting released that I have loved ever since I got this calling where are new music leaders going to get their ideas? That's when it hit me... You need to start a blog to carry on the tradition, so here it goes... I'm totally not musical, but I do have fun with the kids, I will post what we do each week in hopes to spark something to help you in your ward have the kids love music! Please comment and leave your ideas for everyone else and together we can teach the world that music sung by primary children is a beautiful thing!

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