Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tic Tac Toe

I know a few post ago I told you that I LOVE This is another one of her great ideas that I have personalized for this year. She has a great tic tac toe printable. I printed it off on colored card stock and laminated it so it will be durable for a long time! This is a perfect fun game for reviewing! You can find it here...

These are pictures from her blog of the game. Mine looks exactly like this just different colors. I have made questions which you can find here which coordinate with this years theme. I have also added a twist to it by adding Selectors, Masterminds, and Music genius cards. Everyone will get one so print enough and it allows more people to have turns. The selectors select which song the question will come from, the music geniuses know the songs really well (Everyone who doesn't do something else) and will answer the questions, and the Masterminds (2 per team) will place the x's and o's where they should go! This is a perfect game to pull out just about anytime and to always have on hand, or perfect for a sub! Good luck and happy Tic Tac Toeing! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Do ever feel like you are sining the same songs over and over that the kids are picking for their favorite songs especially in Junior Primary? Well... over at Lesson Plans of an OCD Primary Chorister she has made the cutest cards for the wiggle songs! I think they are perfect! I plan on putting them in a basket upside down and letting the kids pick one and singing that! She also has many other cards the same size for various other songs that you could do the same thing for a review day. Simple, easy and fun! Click here to be directed right to her website to print! 
Look at how cute these are! Definitely keeping these in my Primary bag every week!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Name That Tune

Ok... So we are all starting to think about review time for the program... Sometimes I feel like this is our work evaluation once a year for all to see... so now is the time to start playing those fun games to help the kids make sure they know the words to the songs. My philosophy... Let's have fun while we do it. Next I have to say I LOVE yes you heard me LOVE the blog She has so many great ideas on so many things! The one I want to tell you about today is her name that tune game. She has everything all laid out with a free tutorial and everything! Click here to go directly to NAME THAT TUNE. Look at how cute it is?

I did do an updated list of songs for the 2013 program that you can find here

Opening/ Closing Exercises

One of the hardest things for me is to plan out what to Sing for Opening Exercises. Yes! I am totally guilty of doing it doing Sacrament Meeting on more than one occasion! Multiple Times! So... in my quest to become more organized I have planned out the rest of the year! I have attached it below that way if you suffer with this like I do it is as easy as print and go for the next 5 months! If you don't suffer from procrastination like I do, how do you stay on top of it???? Click Here to get yours!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A child's Prayer vs 1

So last night I threw together vs 1 flip chart for a Child's Prayer. We will begin learning it today. I will work on vs 2 for next week. Click here to get yours!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Sometimes life throws you curveballs... Some of them are good, some you never expected that might test you. Well. Life threw me an amazing curveball the last several months. I met an amazing guy... :) and yes! We got married. So I am soooooo sorry for my absence as of late! I am getting back into it slowly after the wedding and the house buying, and the moving. Thanks for sticking around and look for some more frequent posts! Here are so pictures from our special day.. .Thought I would share :) Have a great Saturday.. Prepping for A Child's Prayer... Hmmmm. Any thoughts?

This is a picture of my new beautiful daughter :)

 This is my dashing son dancing with me :)

Here we are! 

 PS My other son decided he didn't want to participate in pictures he was boycotting being in a suit when it was 107 degrees outside... Does anyone blame him?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

If The Savior Stood Beside Me..

 I just found these via blog.... These are located at They are just perfect for Senior Primary I think... Currently Printing! Love them!!!! Hope you find them useful as well!!!!


The Amazing Race Primary Edition....

I am so excited... Every holiday we usually take a break from practicing and have some fun! Well tomorrow is no exception. We are having the primary Amazing Race. Below are the clues... Attached is the envelopes! I just printed these on yellow paper. There is a song that corresponds with each one! Have fun... Someone will be dressed up as the Valentine Queen... It is actually her last week in Primary so it works out great! Hopefully you have fun with it! We sure will... hopefully!

Clue #1

Make your way with speed and make a Valentine Just for me! Tell me you love me and all that mushy stuff… Who else loves you? Let’s sing this!

In order to get you next clue race your valentine off to the Valentine Queen to receive your next clue.

 Sing a song based on Love

Clue #2

Beautiful sounds come through this devise with ease… Best find someone to play the right tune we learned that month for your next clue.

 Sing "I am A Child of God"

Clue #3

I am a mother with such a cute face… Who is related to me with dimples on his face? Better go beg and plead for the clue in this Place… He will assign the task for you to do!
Sing “Families Can Be Together Forever” with a smile on your face.
Complete this task for your next clue.

 Sing "Families Can Be Together Forever"

Clue #4

Do a little dance, make a little noise what should we do that is high or low… it’s your call, complete this task for your next clue.

 Sing "Do as I'm Doing"

Clue #5

Be Wise! Don’t be foolish… Who are we? Where do we come from? Name those Books in the Book of Mormon… Complete this task for your next clue.

 Sing "The Wise Man and The Foolish Man" or "Book Of Mormon Stories"

Clue #6

Follow the Prophet, I’m Confused! I better go off and watch the news! Or perhaps March around and declare what we should do!

Sing "Follow the Prophet" 

Clue # 7

Our task is almost complete; boy I sure wish I had a treat! Help me find the treat for the Valentine Queen… We can’t let her starve… It’s around the room and then we can relax while we sing your favorite tune!

Sing That Child's Favorite Song...

Download the clues and the envelopes here

Friday, January 25, 2013

I am a Child of God Super Bowl

So we have Stake Conf. the first Sunday in February, which happens to be the super bowl so we will be competing in the super bowl this Sunday! It will be I am a Child of God Super Bowl. So here is our board... The flags, "Pennants" Spell out I am a Cild of God. On the back will be individual versus of I am a Child of God and other songs that we already know for this years program and some other fun ones. Someone will pick a flag, someone else will pick a "play" and then they will sing. If they do a great job, they will move the distance to the goal that it states on the play, if they do so so or not at all I get to move that yardage to my goal... The goal is to see who scores the most touchdowns by the end of primary. Hopefully it's a hit and they win the Super Bowl! Let me know how it goes for you! PS sorry for the random leg... I promise there is a body that goes with it!

Do you sing like an opera Star?

Ok... I promise I will get better at posting! Our primary has under gone some changes, moving things around, and working on our BIG time reverence issues :) I am sure you can all understand that one with me!
Lately, (we have afternoon church now) the senior primary are so ready to go home by the time it is Music time at 3:35. So I beg and plead and we have lots of fun! to let's just get through this and then I will do anything you want me to (within the realm of the children's primary book). So two weeks ago it started. I promised anything you want! What did they choose. Sis. Rishel sing I am a Child of God like an Opera singer. I will let you in to another secret... I am tone deaf, can't carry a tune, probably could break windows on most days, and frankly don't sound like an angel... but that's what they want that's what I give them... I hold my hands all opera style and off I go... They are laughing and I am of course trying to hold it together, but we get through it and they I think love it... This last week again we were practicing I Hope they Call Me on a Mission, singing different parts and learning the chorus in sign language (again not one of my many talents...that story is for another day) and they begged and pleaded, "Please Sister Rishel, if we are good will you sing for us again.""Why, yes I will I love to look like a fool in front of all of you to sing better!" was my thinking. I smiled and said, "yes." They were like Angels and they opted for me to be an opera star singing, wait for it... "I love to See the Temple." I busted it out... Loud and proud praying we would all be feeling the spirit... I hope they did... So here is my question for you, "Do you sing like an Opera Star too?"

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm not Emotional!

Ok... So let me first by saying, I am not all that emotional... I don't cry often... I'm good... Without being said today while introducing the theme and watching the video I felt the spirit so strongly and I was crying... I felt the spirit so much! Love that video! I was doing good until my junior primary started singing like little angels along with the video... I love my calling! I love working with the primary kids! The hours of prep that we do week after week was totally worth it today!
How did your first week go?

Friday, January 4, 2013

I am a Child of God Helps...

This month we are teaching "I am a Child of God" this song is usually one that most kids know. I am going to be focusing on the importance of teaching them that they are a child of God.
Mandy Farris submitted an idea on sugar
This is a 1 page reminder about the first line of each verse. I think it will be perfect for the little reminder the kids need. I will definitly try to incorporate the Mormon message video that I perviously posted here as well!

What are you guys doing to teach and review "I Am a Child of God"?

Quick Idea #1

Ok... So here is quick idea number #1. I know it is the beginning of the year and we are all excited new songs, new theme, and some new kids! A month or two in we might start suffering from "I don't know what to do" syndrome. Well here is an idea... Kacey, who has an A-MAZING 1st grade blog posts calendar number cards well we can use these for primary! What I do is I cut them out (Yes, I have all the seasons i.e... Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, September-going back to school, Halloween... well you get the point.) and laminate them and then I use these for matching games. I put the songs underneath them and have the kids call out 2 numbers and check to see if it is a match. I love them because they have the numbers on them so they can call out the number from their chair and saves time not having the kids get up and down and move all about... I of course put the songs we are practicing, sometimes even by verse and other fun songs. I do put a couple of free choices underneath so they can choose! Happy Prepping for an amazing year!

Download here...

January Plan

Each month I try and plan out all the opening and closing songs a month at a time? Why you ask? Because it is just easy for me to sit down and plan it once a month rather than once a week.
How do I pick the songs? For opening and closing songs I usually choose ones related to the program we a. know, b. have learned, or c. from an old program that I don't want them to forget. It is soooo easy for us to teach the kids the music all year for the program and then get burned out stop singing them and then have them forget it.... Let's keep them remembering the songs by occasionally sing them in opening!
Okay... so here is the plan for this month that we will be following in our ward for opening and closing exercises...

January 6th

Opening- I Love to See the Temple
Birthday- Your Happy Birthday
Visitor- Here We Are Together
Closing- Families Can Be Together Forever

January 13th

Opening- Families Can Be Together Forever
Birthday- You've Had A Birthday
Visitor- Hello Song
Closing- Stand for the Right

January 20th

Opening- Teach Me To Walk in the Light
Birthday- Your Happy Birthday
Visitor- Hello Song
Closing- We'll Bring the World His Truth

January 27th

Opening- Nephi's Courage
Birthday- You've Had A Birthday
Visitor- Here We Are Together
Closing- I am a Child of God

Feel free to use these... For birthdays and visitors we really only rotate through like 3 songs each... Perhaps I should teach them some more this year!