Friday, January 25, 2013

Do you sing like an opera Star?

Ok... I promise I will get better at posting! Our primary has under gone some changes, moving things around, and working on our BIG time reverence issues :) I am sure you can all understand that one with me!
Lately, (we have afternoon church now) the senior primary are so ready to go home by the time it is Music time at 3:35. So I beg and plead and we have lots of fun! to let's just get through this and then I will do anything you want me to (within the realm of the children's primary book). So two weeks ago it started. I promised anything you want! What did they choose. Sis. Rishel sing I am a Child of God like an Opera singer. I will let you in to another secret... I am tone deaf, can't carry a tune, probably could break windows on most days, and frankly don't sound like an angel... but that's what they want that's what I give them... I hold my hands all opera style and off I go... They are laughing and I am of course trying to hold it together, but we get through it and they I think love it... This last week again we were practicing I Hope they Call Me on a Mission, singing different parts and learning the chorus in sign language (again not one of my many talents...that story is for another day) and they begged and pleaded, "Please Sister Rishel, if we are good will you sing for us again.""Why, yes I will I love to look like a fool in front of all of you to sing better!" was my thinking. I smiled and said, "yes." They were like Angels and they opted for me to be an opera star singing, wait for it... "I love to See the Temple." I busted it out... Loud and proud praying we would all be feeling the spirit... I hope they did... So here is my question for you, "Do you sing like an Opera Star too?"

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