Friday, January 4, 2013

January Plan

Each month I try and plan out all the opening and closing songs a month at a time? Why you ask? Because it is just easy for me to sit down and plan it once a month rather than once a week.
How do I pick the songs? For opening and closing songs I usually choose ones related to the program we a. know, b. have learned, or c. from an old program that I don't want them to forget. It is soooo easy for us to teach the kids the music all year for the program and then get burned out stop singing them and then have them forget it.... Let's keep them remembering the songs by occasionally sing them in opening!
Okay... so here is the plan for this month that we will be following in our ward for opening and closing exercises...

January 6th

Opening- I Love to See the Temple
Birthday- Your Happy Birthday
Visitor- Here We Are Together
Closing- Families Can Be Together Forever

January 13th

Opening- Families Can Be Together Forever
Birthday- You've Had A Birthday
Visitor- Hello Song
Closing- Stand for the Right

January 20th

Opening- Teach Me To Walk in the Light
Birthday- Your Happy Birthday
Visitor- Hello Song
Closing- We'll Bring the World His Truth

January 27th

Opening- Nephi's Courage
Birthday- You've Had A Birthday
Visitor- Here We Are Together
Closing- I am a Child of God

Feel free to use these... For birthdays and visitors we really only rotate through like 3 songs each... Perhaps I should teach them some more this year!

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  1. This really helpful, thanks! The text is hard to read, would you mind making it larger or consider changing your text. Sorry, I've been trying to read a few posts and have been having trouble. Thanks!