Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Amazing Race Primary Edition....

I am so excited... Every holiday we usually take a break from practicing and have some fun! Well tomorrow is no exception. We are having the primary Amazing Race. Below are the clues... Attached is the envelopes! I just printed these on yellow paper. There is a song that corresponds with each one! Have fun... Someone will be dressed up as the Valentine Queen... It is actually her last week in Primary so it works out great! Hopefully you have fun with it! We sure will... hopefully!

Clue #1

Make your way with speed and make a Valentine Just for me! Tell me you love me and all that mushy stuff… Who else loves you? Let’s sing this!

In order to get you next clue race your valentine off to the Valentine Queen to receive your next clue.

 Sing a song based on Love

Clue #2

Beautiful sounds come through this devise with ease… Best find someone to play the right tune we learned that month for your next clue.

 Sing "I am A Child of God"

Clue #3

I am a mother with such a cute face… Who is related to me with dimples on his face? Better go beg and plead for the clue in this Place… He will assign the task for you to do!
Sing “Families Can Be Together Forever” with a smile on your face.
Complete this task for your next clue.

 Sing "Families Can Be Together Forever"

Clue #4

Do a little dance, make a little noise what should we do that is high or low… it’s your call, complete this task for your next clue.

 Sing "Do as I'm Doing"

Clue #5

Be Wise! Don’t be foolish… Who are we? Where do we come from? Name those Books in the Book of Mormon… Complete this task for your next clue.

 Sing "The Wise Man and The Foolish Man" or "Book Of Mormon Stories"

Clue #6

Follow the Prophet, I’m Confused! I better go off and watch the news! Or perhaps March around and declare what we should do!

Sing "Follow the Prophet" 

Clue # 7

Our task is almost complete; boy I sure wish I had a treat! Help me find the treat for the Valentine Queen… We can’t let her starve… It’s around the room and then we can relax while we sing your favorite tune!

Sing That Child's Favorite Song...

Download the clues and the envelopes here

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