Saturday, July 27, 2013


Sometimes life throws you curveballs... Some of them are good, some you never expected that might test you. Well. Life threw me an amazing curveball the last several months. I met an amazing guy... :) and yes! We got married. So I am soooooo sorry for my absence as of late! I am getting back into it slowly after the wedding and the house buying, and the moving. Thanks for sticking around and look for some more frequent posts! Here are so pictures from our special day.. .Thought I would share :) Have a great Saturday.. Prepping for A Child's Prayer... Hmmmm. Any thoughts?

This is a picture of my new beautiful daughter :)

 This is my dashing son dancing with me :)

Here we are! 

 PS My other son decided he didn't want to participate in pictures he was boycotting being in a suit when it was 107 degrees outside... Does anyone blame him?

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