Monday, August 5, 2013

Opening/ Closing Exercises

One of the hardest things for me is to plan out what to Sing for Opening Exercises. Yes! I am totally guilty of doing it doing Sacrament Meeting on more than one occasion! Multiple Times! So... in my quest to become more organized I have planned out the rest of the year! I have attached it below that way if you suffer with this like I do it is as easy as print and go for the next 5 months! If you don't suffer from procrastination like I do, how do you stay on top of it???? Click Here to get yours!


  1. In the almost year that I have been the primary song leader I have never, not once, had a closing song - ever. Our singing time is last, and I am ALWAYS doing whatever it is until the very end of my time. I have never had enough minutes to include a closing song. Is that wrong? Am I missing the bag? Are the kids missing out? I hope I am not doing it wrong. I think I planned a closing song for the first two or three weeks, but it was apparent quite quickly that a closing song might never happen, so I stopped picking songs. I think your list is awesome and I have downloaded a calendar (created by someone else, of course)and filled it in for most of the year (although sometimes I have switched the song at the last moment)*I will probably steal all your December songs, though as that month is nearly blank on my calendar*

    I also pick one welcome and one birthday song for the whole month and I really like that. It seems to be easier for me.

  2. We hardly ever get to the closing song too! If we do it's 5 minutes after we are supposed to have already left church :) It is usually only when my sweet senior primary is to wound up to pray... Must calm them down! I like your idea for the same birthday and welcome song for the whole month I will have to do that next year!